Garcia Family

With Braxton's birthday party as the backdrop, the Garcia family shares their thoughts on planning big occasions for a child with a disability.  They talk honestly about the impact a child with a disability can have on a marriage and how working as a team got them through some hard times. You are even able to hear Braxton's big sister talk about having a little brother with a disability.

Nancy Allen

Nancy describes her experience in her search for knowledge about her child's disability - a visual impairment, and how DARS and ECI supported her.  She talks about building her own circle of support and her dedication to making sure no parent ever feels alone.

You Are Not Alone

This signature video reflects the main message of our site.  After interviewing over 100 parents, we found that this sentiment is one that needs to be passed on as often as possible

Hurt Family

Tyrone and Judith share their personal experiences raising 3 children with disabilities. They specifically share how they work together as a team, how they used respite care and tips for making accommodations at home.  This video inspires, reassures and educates.