A smooth transition makes a difference

The transition to kindergarten is a major step for your child and your family. Like any transition, planning and preparation will help your child adjust to her next environment, and set the stage for success throughout her educational journey. See Tips for Planning Smooth Transitions on this site. 

The Texas kindergarten curricula is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Kindergarten. If your child is placed in a kindergarten program, your ARD Committee will develop IEP goals that are aligned with the TEKS, after taking your child’s abilities and needs into account. 

More information

Texas Project FIRST also gives practical advice and ideas for ways to get ready for the transition from preschool to kindergarten for children with disabilities and their parents in “Preparing My Child for Transition” and “Preparing Myself for Transition”. NAEYC's Transition to Kindergarten gives general tips for getting yourself and your child ready to go to kindergarten; for example, there are suggestions for some books to read to your child about going to kindergarten and tips for the first day and first week of school.

Check out From Pre to the big K. from Texas Project FIRST for information about the different kindergarten options available.

If your child is in Head Start, these videos about the transition from Head Start to kindergarten may be helpful to both you and your child.

Download Getting to Know My Child: A Guide for My Child’s Kindergarten Teacher (PDF), a booklet from the National Center for Learning Disabilities that you can fill out to give a kindergarten teacher information about your child. You can share what your child is good at, things she likes to do and not do, any supports or special services your child needs, and concerns you would like her teacher to watch for.

Also see Create a Portfolio to Help Others Understand Your Child to learn how to make a personalized "All About Me" book that can help your child's new teachers know information about her. Consider involving your child in creating the book by helping her choose pictures and/or words that show her favorite foods, toys, games, activities, etc. 

Download Kindergarten: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (PDF) from Texas Education Agency for in-depth review of state kindergarten policies.