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Required items for all children

There are specific requirements for every child to register in a new school. You will need all of the following for your child:

  • Birth certificate
  • Current record of immunizations
  • Child's records from the school most recently attended
  • Proof of address—a rental contract or utility bill will do
  • Parent’s photo ID or driver’s license
  • Child’s social security card (this is optional in some districts)

What you’ll need if your child has a disability

If your child has a disability, you’ll also want to provide this information to the new school:

  • Current and accurate Individualized Educational Program (IEP)
  • Samples of your child’s work. This could be pictures he has drawn or video of things he can do—anything that demonstrates what your child knows, what he can do and what he is interested in
  • Notes or information about your child from his teachers at his old school—this can be very helpful for teachers at his new school

More information

See Creating a Student Introduction Portfolio from Texas Project FIRST to learn how to put together an information packet that will help the new school get to know your child for who he really is, not just for his disability.

To see what immunizations your child must have to enroll in school, visit School and Child Care Facility Requirements.

Moving your child to a new school is easier when your medical and educational information is organized. Download Home Files and Records (PDF) from Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP) to learn home record keeping skills.

Also see Make a Child Info Toolkit for precise instructions on creating a three-ring notebook to stay organized.