A challenging task

If you are finding that toilet training your child is difficult, you’re in good company. It can be challenging not only for parents, but for professionals, too. The key thing to remember is that every child responds to toilet training differently. Some children are eager to begin the process. Others not so much. And some may be terrified of the toilet itself. Be sure to watch your child to determine his comfort level and readiness to begin.

Your child’s pediatrician may be able to provide resources to help you. Once you have decided to begin the toilet training process, make sure you create a plan and share it with all of your child’s caregivers, so everyone uses the same techniques while training.

Toilet training information and resources

Check out Toilet Training Children with Special Needs, a comprehensive article from HealthyChildren.org. It addresses many of the issues that can affect children with specific disabilities.

Visual supports can be helpful for some children. Some children’s books have interactive features as well as pictures that show the steps of going potty. Some children respond well to a picture schedule of potty time.