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Help with employment and training

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) helps Texas job seekers find work and job training. If you are out of work and looking for a job, or if you need to file an unemployment claim, TWC is the agency to turn to.

Help paying for child care

Paying for child care is one way TWC can provide support so you can find a job and go to work. If you are receiving or transitioning from public assistance and are low income, you may be eligible for this help. If you need help finding employment or learning if you are eligible for child care assistance, find your local Workforce Board and contact them to get started.

The TWC can provide financial assistance to child care providers to assist children with disabilities. Sometimes child care centers will turn away families if they have a child with a disability, because they say they can’t afford to provide the services these children need. TWC, through the Local Workforce Development Boards, can provide money (called an “inclusion assistance rate”) to eligible child care service providers to encourage them to admit these children.

Visit Child Care and Early Learning Services on TWC website. This list of resources includes information on how to get child care or preschool services for children with disabilities.