What it is

You may be searching for information about your child's disability or ideas for strategies to use at home. There are many avenues to organize and save your favorites. Pinterest is a way to collect images from the web and organize them into interest-based pages, called pinboards. Since it is a social media site, you can share what you think is cool, and follow others who have similar interests. You can search Pinterest to find things you are interested in and “follow” a person with similar interests.

Create a free account

Pinterest is free to join and use. Just go to Pinterest.com and follow the onscreen instructions to get started. You can sign up with your email address, or link your Facebook account and use that to log in to Pinterest.

Add the Pin It button

Read this Pinterest how-to to learn about the Pin It button, a web browser add-on that lets you add things to your Pinterest boards from any web page you are browsing. 

More information

WikiHow has a very useful How to Use Pinterest page, that can teach you the basics, plus some advanced Pinterest tips.

Positively Splendid is a crafting site, but their Guide to Pinterest Etiquette can help you avoid newbie blunders, and lists even more tips and tricks.

Check out the Education Service Center Region 13 Pinterest page for examples of the kind of information you can find on the site. 

Also see Internet Search Tips and Tools on this site.