Advocating for a Child with an “Invisible Disability”

Advocating for a child with an “invisible” disability can present unique challenges. Here are some ways to overcome them.

Information Resources on Hearing Loss

Find resources for information about hearing loss

Learn about Your Child’s Disability

Learn how to find reliable information about your child’s specific needs.

New to Disability?

If you are new to the world of disability, you may feel overwhelmed. This advice can help you start taking the first steps.

Resources and Information About Visual Impairment, Blindness and Deafblindness

A list of programs, agencies and publications that provide useful information for families of children with visually impairment, blindness or deafblindness

Services for Children with Visual Impairment, Blindness and Deafblindness

Learn about services and programs for families in Texas who have children with a visual impairment, blindness and deafblindness

The Difference Between Diagnosis and Disability

Read about the difference between a doctor’s diagnosis and how a school determines disability categories.

Understanding a Diagnosis and Medical Terms

Ideas and resources to help understand what you hear from doctors and medical providers.

Your Child’s Development

Understand the tools used to see if your child’s development is on track. They can be useful, but they are not the last word.