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In-Home and Family Support Program (IHFSP)

IHFSP provides direct grant benefits to adults and children age four and older who have physical disabilities. The benefits help pay for training, attendant care, transportation, minor home modifications, equipment, and other services that are not available under any other program. Co-payments may apply. Find your  DADS or Local Authority office to apply.  (A Local Authority offers services in the community for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.)


An Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) may help you find programs and services in Texas. Not every county has an ADRC. Find out if there is an ADRC that serves your county.

Take Time Texas, a respite resource

A respite program can give you, the caregiver, a break right where and when you need it. Take Time Texas can offer you many types of respite services. You can get help at your home, in a community setting, at your child’s childcare center, or at a faith-based program. Search for respite services in your area. The listings explain the types of services provided, contact information, any care specialties they have, and the languages they speak.

Take Time Texas also has national and state news about caregiving and programs for caregivers.