TSBVI Outreach Programs  

Training events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Outreach Programs at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) can help your family learn about visual impairments, blindness, deafblindness, educational programming, advocacy, and other topics. TSBVI can provide interpreters for these events to make them accessible to non-English speaking family members. All of the training events are listed in TSBVI's Statewide Calendar of Training Events.

Financial Assistance to Attend TSBVI Trainings  

In order to help your family attend training opportunities, the Outreach Programs provide financial assistance to help cover your costs of travel, meals, lodging, and childcare. You can request this assistance either to fully pay for your participation or to supplement help from other agencies and organizations. For more information, contact one of the Family Support Specialists or complete the registration for each individual training activity.  

Request information about trainings and apply for financial help to attend a training.

ESC Training Opportunities   

Check with your local Education Service Center (ESC) for family training opportunities.

Find the ESC contact for visual impairment and/or deafblindness that serves your area.

Online visual impairment and deafblindness information resources  

The TSBVI Parent Portal can help you find information, resources, and links related to visual impairment and deafblindness.

Project SPARKLE is a web-based program to help you learn about deafblindness. You can also learn how to create a profile for your child that you can share with your service providers, educators, and medical personnel.

Materials on Deafblindness has a wealth of resources and information about deafblindness recommended by TSBVI.

TX SenseAbilities is a free quarterly newsletter published by TSBVI and DARS-DBS. It is available in English and Spanish and also in different forms such as print, electronic, and Braille. It has articles written by family members and professionals, resources, and news. You can sign up for an online subscription.