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A powerful resource for you

Connecting with other families and support organizations is a critical way to learn tips, skills and coping strategies for parenting a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. These family-to-family connections are perhaps the most helpful and powerful resource available to you. As parents ourselves, we urge you to reach out. These links can help you get started.

Texas Hands & Voices

Texas Hands & Voices™ is a parent-driven organization for Texas families that have a member who is deaf or hard of hearing. This program provides support, information, and resources. 

Texas Guide By Your Side (GBYS)

Guide By Your Side™ is a family support program where parents can get direct, one-on-one support. Their trained parent guides have children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Some parent guides speak Spanish. Their deaf/hard of hearing guides are adults who have the unique experience and perspective of growing up deaf or hard of hearing themselves.

The program coordinator matches each guide to a family and offers information and support in an unbiased manner for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Support is available to any family in Texas with a child who has hearing loss from birth through age 21. Support is individualized and can include:

  • Emotional support related to diagnosis and early decisions about what to do
  • Help to access early intervention 
  • Support in times of transition
  • Help finding information and resources
  • Networking opportunities with other families
  • Social events hosted by parent guides